Monday 21 May 2018

Magician sues over TV fireball stunt

A US magician is taking legal action after a TV host in the Dominican Republic set him on fire in an apparent stunt.

Wayne Houchin, pictured, is receiving treatments for burns on his face, scalp and hands that occurred when the guest host of the 'Closer To The Stars' show abruptly tossed a fistful of flaming liquid at him during a November 26 recording of the show.

"I am still in a lot of pain but I am recovering," Mr Houchin (29) said.

He has now hired lawyers to pursue a criminal case against the host Franklin Barazarte.

Mr Houchin expected to perform magic, but the host announced that he wanted to give Mr Houchin a "blessing".

Mr Barazarte asked Mr Houchin's wife to pour cologne into his cupped hands and told another magician to light the fluid.

The host then poured it on Mr Houchin's head and rubbed it into his face. The show never aired but a mobile phone video has circulated on the internet, showing the American writhing in pain on the stage floor.

Irish Independent

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