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Like a ballot out of hell, Mitt gets slice of Meat Loaf

Forget major politicians and swing-state newspapers. US presidential candidate Mitt Romney received a premium endorsement nobody was expecting when rock legend Meat Loaf threw his support behind the Republican presidential nominee.

"I have never been in any political agenda in my life, but I think that in 2012, this is the most important election in the history of the United States," Meat Loaf said.

"Storm clouds [have] come over the US. There are thunderstorms over Europe. There are major hailstorms in the Middle East. There are storms brewing through China, through everywhere," he said. "And President Barack Obama, God bless him, said to Mitt Romney, 'The Cold War is over.'"

He was referring to the debate this week, during which Mr Obama ribbed Mr Romney for once declaring Russia America's top geopolitical foe.

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