Friday 19 January 2018

Kneesy does it, as Evo balls up game

BOLIVIA'S President Evo Morales is in hot water after kneeing a football opponent in the, well, ballots during a game.The challenge by Moralesis a YouTube sensation in South America, and should be essential viewing for our lily livered leaders.

The former llama farmer has never lost a football match and wasn't about to lose his 100 per cent record during the "friendly" soccer game in La Paz. After being fouled by his unwitting opponent, civil servant Daniel Cartagena, Morales decided to get even with his knee.

As well as receiving the presidential knee, Cartagena was also sent off and even threatened with arrest, while the president got off scot free.

Though Morales has now reportedly aologised, this style of attacking football is just what our politicians need to employ right now. After those reports of Finance Minister Brian Lenihan being mocked during a conference call to London bankers, with chimp noises being used, we desperately need to get back our fighting spirit.

If we got to grips with the Morales' strategy, those financiers would definitely be left holding their bonds after we're finished with them ... grrrr. And that's before we launch our stimulus package.

As Mr T would say: "Get some nuts."

Will Hanafin

Sunday Independent

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