Saturday 17 March 2018

Journalist sacked for double life as a stripper writing memoir

Sarah Tressler wants her job back as a society reporter
Sarah Tressler wants her job back as a society reporter

Amy Willis

A US JOURNALIST who was sacked after her secret double life as an exotic dancer was exposed is writing a memoir of her exploits.

Sarah Tressler, 30, a high-society reporter for the Houston Chronicle, was outed by a rival paper in March this year after fellow journalists discovered her salacious night profession at high-end gentlemen’s clubs.

After being abruptly sacked from the Houston Chronicle over the scandal, Ms Tressler filed an unfair dismissal claim, the beginning of a complex dispute. The newspaper, which has yet to publicly comment, is expected to claim her extra-curricular activities discredited her as a journalist and that she failed to announce the second job. Ms Tressler has claimed gender discrimination.

While the row rumbles on, Ms Tressler announced yesterday that she is publishing a book of her dual activities – Diary of an Angry Stripper – and wis starting a countrywide tour. The book is promised to reveal the “inner workings” of juggling the two professions based on a blog she wrote at the time.

Ms Tressler, who is said to have a Master's degree from New York University, said she started exotic dancing in 2004 to pay for college but had continued the job as she didn’t have a gym membership.

“Sometimes I would just go in for three hours at a time to get a workout in because stage rotation, if you're doing it in 7-inch heels, is a really good way to get a workout in," Ms Tressler said.

"And I didn't have a gym membership. So, on days off I might just go in there in the afternoon and do a couple stage rotations and knock it out.”

Despite the ongoing row with the newspaper, Ms Tressler hopes the renewed attention and “coast to coast” tour will help her get her old job back.

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