Wednesday 24 January 2018

'Jedi' jailed for attacking police with light sabers

Mark Hamill playing the part of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
Mark Hamill playing the part of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

Amy Willis

A 33-year-old man was jailed for 45 days for attacking toy store customers and policemen with light sabers.

Armed with one toy weapon in each hand, David Canterbury swung the Star Wars light sabers at three customers in a Toys R Us store in Oregon on December 14 last year.

The would-be Jedi then launched an attack at police officers waiting for him outside the store, successfully deflecting a stun gun dart, according to police at the scene. He was also said to have been mumbling something incoherently.

Police eventually wrestled the man to the ground and made the arrest.

Judge Kenneth Walker handed the man a 45-day jail sentence, after he pleaded no contest to charges of assault and resisting arrest. The man was also submitted for a mental health evaluation.

Judge Walker dismissed charges of theft, disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer.

Canterbury said he was already seeking mental health treatment for his condition and apologised to his victims.

He has been banned from the toy store.

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