Saturday 17 February 2018

Is the Zodiac killer about to be revealed? New book claims to unmask notorious serial killer

The infamous sketch of the zodiac killer
The infamous sketch of the zodiac killer
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

A NEW book set to be released later today claims it will unmask the notorious Zodiac killer.

The book has been kept top secret at publisher Harper Collins, such is the credibility given to its author’s claims.

The Zodiac killer terrorised San Francisco in the late 1960s, and to this day has never been caught.

Gary Stewart’s book begins with his search for his biological father – and ends with him finding ‘irrefutable evidence’ that his birth father is in fact the infamous killer.

Details of ‘The Most Dangerous Mind of All’ were only revealed yesterday, just hours before the book’s release.

Stewart teamed up with crime journalist Susan Mustafa to write the book, which has taken 12 years to complete.

“Our lawyers felt it was legally sound,” Tina Andreadis, head of publicty at Harper Collins told New York magazine.

She also claims the book will show that the San Francisco Police Department “knew more than they’re willing to admit”.

The mass murderer became notorious for taunting police and the media, sending clues in coded letters. Some of the letters have never been decoded.

 “If you look at Gary’s photo next to the sketch of the Zodiac next to his father’s mug shot, you can see that there is very clearly more than just a passing resemblance. They look alike,” Andreadis said.

“He didn’t want to believe,” she added. “I don’t think most people want to know that their father is a notorious serial killer.”

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