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'I could hear bones breaking from 20 foot away' - Former convicts share stories of what really happens to paedophiles in prison


A drink-driving bishop has been jailed for killing a cyclist

A drink-driving bishop has been jailed for killing a cyclist

A drink-driving bishop has been jailed for killing a cyclist

Reddit's former convict community have participated in a Q&A session to reveal what really happens to convicted sex offenders, particularly paedophiles, in state jails and prisons.

They shared that "word gets around fast" around the reason a person is in jail, and gangs often request a prisoner's "paperwork" before deciding what to do with them. This usually means checking that the prisoner is not a 'chomo' or a 'snitch'.

According to the former convicts of Reddit, 'chomos', (short for 'child molesters') mostly spend their time in prison away from the general population for their own safety. A number of users, however, had met 'chomos' that had chosen not to take this path, and shared what happened to them as a result.

Reddit user 'dusted nuggets' was in a high security felony wing of jail, waiting for extradition when one 'chomo' ignored a warning to spend his time at the jail in the 'segregation unit'. (or 'protective custody'.)

"I remember him crawling out of his cell and the dude pulling him back in for more. I could hear the bones breaking from 20ft away. He died on the way to the hospital.".

"All the guys that took part were there on murder beefs anyway so the extra 5 years they got was worth it to them".

Another user shared that during his ten month stint in a Texas prison, a child molester was raped by three men in the middle of the night, in the centre of a dorm containing 56 men.

"I didn't sleep that night or the next at all... The worst part is most everyone acted like it was normal".

Another user wrote that "older" molesters were "beaten, extorted, robbed, raped or killed" at the jail he was in. Many of the well-off offenders were extorted for items from the prison commissary. "I've seen a line of inmates outside of a chesters cell door with a list of items they each want him to order. He better hope he's got the money on his books to satisfy all their wants. If he didn't, it never ended well".

One contributor revealed that a massive fight in the cafeteria ended up with a child molester in the hospital and "the rest of us didn't get dinner because we were locked down for 24 hours".

One self-confessed sex offender wrote that he "promptly lost my paperwork immediately upon entering and made up some stuff about credit card fraud".

Read the rest of the thread here.

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