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Hope for undocumented Irish in US as President Obama unveils new immigration measures


President Barack Obama (AP)

President Barack Obama (AP)

President Barack Obama (AP)

PRESIDENT Obama will later this morning unveil a host of measures aimed at protecting about five million illegal immigrants in the US.

Over four million people are expected to directly benefit from a new scheme which protects people against deportation for three years and offers then work permits.

However in order to qualify, undocumented immigrants have to have lived illegally in the country for more than five years – and have children who are US citizens or legal residents..

They must also pass a background check to ensure they do not have criminal convictions – however lesser felony convictions may be overlooked.

The US president sign the measures into law tomorrow.

It easier for some undocumented immigrants to return to their home countries, by offering a waiver on the three year and ten year re-entry bans currently in place.

The president will unveil the full details of the new measures in the coming hours.

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