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Hoarder missing for two months found mummified under pile of rubbish


Alice Klee

Alice Klee

Alice Klee's home. Photo: Bing

Alice Klee's home. Photo: Bing


Alice Klee

A HOARDER in the U.S who was reported missing over two months ago has been found in a partially mummified state under a pile of rubbish.

Described as ‘reclusive’ by her neighbours, 68-year-old  Alice Klee from New Jersey was reported missing in February by concerned family members.

An extensive search of the area was undertaken by authorities, and despite sniffer dogs searching her home her remains were not discovered until last weekend.

Klee’s landlord had gained permission to clear her apartment as the rent had not been paid for two months when he made the discovery.

“He located the body under a pile of trash, clothing and blankets between the bed and window”, Police Chief Frank Papapietro said.

Klee lived with numerous cats, all of which were taken into care due to starvation – although one was found dead.

A relative speaking to local paper The North Jersey Record said: “I told the police multiple times, ‘Are you sure she's not in there?’

“He said we would smell it. I was in there and I did not smell anything.”

Police say they are not treating the death as suspicious.

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