Monday 21 October 2019

Hillary keeps Botox question on people's lips

Catherine Philp in Washington

It was the moment the mask fell but still the mascara stayed put. An exhausted Hillary Clinton, ground down by the gruelling campaign pace and media focus on her appearance, was thrown off guard by the sisterly warmth of the question: how do you do it?

On Tuesday night as she appeared before her supporters in Manhattan, the question was back on the lips of even the less empathetic observers: how does she do it indeed?

Mrs Clinton's flawless appearance at the New Hampshire debates kicked off a flurry of Botox and plastic surgery rumours.

Her campaign has denied the surgery claims but remained silent on the Botox issue.

The secret weapon that night, however, was CNN's make-up artist Kriss Soterion.

"As I started to do her make-up, her assistant held up a bright-red lipstick," Ms Soterion said.

"My gut just said 'no way'. It looked too political, the lipstick equivalent of a red necktie. What I wanted to do was soften and feminise her look and make her someone women can totally relate to.

"She is already powerful and I didn't think she need to have powerful make-up to get her message across."

Ms Soterion mixed up a new, plummier colour for Mrs Clinton that she dubbed "debate". But it was the dewy, no-wrinkle look that really caught people's eyes.

"I must have gotten a thousand emails about that afterwards," Ms Soterion said. So did Mrs Clinton.

"She just said: 'Kriss, the reviews are really good, I'm going to have to adopt you'."

Unfortunately for Mrs Clinton, Ms Soterion is already under contract to CNN. Instead Mrs Clinton is said to have hired top Hollywood make-up artist Barbara Lacy to recreate the look. (© The Times, London)

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