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Hillary gets Irish support for her White House bid


Brian Farren and Linda O'Shea Farren

Brian Farren and Linda O'Shea Farren

Clinton fundraiser

Clinton fundraiser


Brian Farren and Linda O'Shea Farren

'Every time that Bill Clinton had a low point in his presidency he would say 'take me off to Ireland, I need the adulation'." Those were the words of Hillary Clinton's campaign activist Brian O'Dwyer as he kicked off the Irish leg of her campaign over coffee and bagels on Dublin's Raglan Road yesterday morning.

The home of Brian Farren and Linda O'Shea Farren was packed with Clinton devotees - including lawyer Mike Carroll, businessman Gavin Duffy, Fine Gael TD Mary Mitchell O'Connor and Consultant Oncologist and Senator, Prof John Crown.

A number of the group then caught a plane to New York for the official US launch of Hillary's presidential bid on Roosevelt Island at 2pm US time yesterday afternoon.

Speaking before leaving for New York, Mr O'Dwyer said: "In one day and two cities, the Irish and the Irish Americans have come together in support of an idea and a person who will make both countries and the world a better place. "

He also predicted that Mrs Clinton will be inundated with support on this side of the world, given the treatment she received on a low key shopping trip during a recent visit.

"We went to the Kilkenny Shop on Kildare Street because she wanted to pick out some gifts for Chelsea and Bill and all of a sudden there was a buzz that Hillary was there and crowds of people gathered outside on the street waiting for her to come out, it was like there was a rock star in town," he said.

Linda O'Shea Farren reminded guests that America has never had a chance to vote for a female president:

"In my mind they have had two chances for a female vice president but never a female president. Remember it is not Hillary's second attempt. She was not a candidate for the White House before this because she didn't get through the selection convention."

She added: "Even when they were out of office they never forgot Ireland."

The US democratic party man in Dublin, PR man Paul Allen, who pulled the first in a series of events together and arranged for the design of a campaign logo 'Ireland for Hillary Clinton', said: "The campaign will centre on building and establishing links and greater bonds with Irish Americans and getting them motivated to vote Hillary."

Bill Clinton is planning a trip to Ireland as part of his world tour in the coming months.

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