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High-flying Clintons earn €126.6m in just seven years


Bill and Hillary Clinton. Photo: Reuters

Bill and Hillary Clinton. Photo: Reuters

Bill and Hillary Clinton. Photo: Reuters

Hillary and Bill Clinton paid $43.9m (€39.9m) in federal taxes between 2007 and 2014 on adjusted gross income totalling $139,097,232 (€126,647,576), according to tax returns released by the former secretary of state's presidential campaign yesterday.

Their average federal tax rate during that eight-year period worked out at 31.6pc.

In 2014, with both Clintons on the paid-speech circuit and Hillary Clinton also on tour to sell her most recent memoir, the couple brought in more income than in any previous year: $27.9m (€25.4m).

They reported paying a federal tax rate of 35.7pc in 2014 and donating 10.8pc of their income to charity. 

Mrs Clinton's campaign chose to release the tax returns along with a letter from her doctor giving her a clean bill of health yesterday, on an unusually busy summer Friday when the State Department released some e-mails from her time as secretary of state and the Federal Election Commission released donation records.

Taken together, the voluntary and involuntary disclosures amounted to "the most expansive, transparent release of documents ever," Clinton senior strategist Joel Benenson claimed.

The latest release of tax documents, will have made public 38 years of Clinton tax returns.

That puts Hillary Clinton ahead of one of her chief Republican rivals, Jeb Bush. The former Florida governor last month made 33 years of his taxes public.

Mrs Clinton used the release of her tax returns as an opportunity to call for higher tax rates on high-income Americans.

"Families like mine that reap rewards from our economy have a responsibility to pay our fair share," she said in a statement.

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