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Heroic cat saves 3-year-old boy by taking stray bullet


Opie the cat suffered injuries but is expected to make a full recovery Credit: Fox43

A cat has been credited with saving the life of a 3-year-old boy after the feline blocked a stray bullet heading towards the child.

The incident occurred last Thursday morning in Pennsylvania in the United States when a bullet went through a window in a home in York.

“It took me a second to realise what just happened. The first thing I did was check on my son and he was sound asleep,” said owner Angelica Sipe.

“Then I saw my cat on the floor and that’s when I realised my cat was shot,” she told Fox News.

The bullet went in the couch and then hit Opie the cat, who was laying there.

“It came in the top of his head, out the bottom of his neck, and back into his shoulder and out his armpit rib area.”


Opie blocked the bullet before it hit his owner's son Credit: Fox43

Bullet holes in Ms Sipe’s couch showed where it hit the couch she was sleeping on.

The bullet then flew across the room and lodged in a pillow, just inches from her young son Daemire.

“It could have been my son,” she said, convinced Opie saved her son by taking the bullet.

Although some muscle damage is expected, Opie is recovering well.

He was treated at an emergency clinic and underwent surgery.

“I wanted to keep him. He was my son’s little hero, so I need to keep him around,” Ms Sipe said.

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