Friday 13 December 2019

Half-ton mom aims to hit 1,000lb by feasting online

Donna Simpson
Donna Simpson reporters

An American mother-of-two, already the world’s fattest woman to give birth, is aiming to become the world’s heaviest woman.

Donna Simpson (44) makes money from online fans who pay to watch her eat on her website, earning up to $90,000 a year.

She eats three times the amount of a normal person daily, clocking up about 12,000 calories and currently weights 602lb (43 stone).

“In a typical day I’ll eat four burgers and fries, a loaf of bread with peanut butter and jam, four servings of meatloaf and mashed potato, a large pizza, a chocolate cake with ice cream and cream, 12 cupcakes, two cheesecakes and fizzy drinks," she said.

Sushi is her favorite food she can eat 70 pieces at one meal.

Ms Simpson, from Ohio is now trying to reach a bodyweight of 1,000lb (71 stone) and has cut down on her movement in a bid to reach her goal.

Last Christmas she ate a 30,000 calorie Christmas dinner consisting of two 11kg (25lb) turkeys, two maple-glazed hams, 6.8kg (15lbs) of potatoes - 4.5kg (10lbs) roast, 2.3kg (5lbs) mashed, five loaves of bread, 2.3kg of herb stuffing, three litres of gravy, three litres of cranberry dressing and 9kg (20lbs) of vegetables and the dessert consisted of a ‘salad' made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies.

Ms Simpson who charts her progress on charges for access to watch her eating at rates of around $20 for 30 days.

She recently separated from her husband who she met in an online chat room for men who like big women. She gave birth to her daughter Jacqueline in 2007 by caesarean section with 30 doctors in attendance. She then weighed 532lb.

At the age of 9, she weighed 184 pounds and after being bullied and nicknamed "fatty four-eyes" at school, her weight continued to increase.

After her mother died, her father remarried and at the age of 11 her stepmother put her on a diet and took her to a doctor, who prescribed diet pills. By the time she was 18, she had slimmed down to 154 pounds but ultimately, she decided she did not want to be thin.

Doctors have expressed horror at her eating plan and warned that she risks premature death by the pressure she is placing on her organs.

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