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Hacker claims he 'messed around' with International Space Station


International Space Station

International Space Station

International Space Station

An American computer expert who boasted about hacking into a plane's systems to steer the aircraft from his seat has also claimed he hacked into Nasa.

Chris Roberts, a researcher at One World Labs, caused alarm last week when court documents were published, showing that he told the FBI he had hacked into planes 15 to 20 times, from 2011 to 2014. He has denied ever diverting the planes, and stated that he had simulated hacks of plane's piloting systems but never tried it on real planes.

Now footage from 2012 has been found by Ars Technica website, showing Mr Roberts claiming that he hacked into Nasa.

"I got into trouble for playing with the space station," he told a conference in 2012. "Eight, nine years ago we messed around with the space station. We adjusted the temperature on it. It was quite fun. We got yelled at by Nasa.

"If they're going to leave it open - that's not encrypted, that's their own damn silly fault."

Mr Roberts said that his team also attempted to toy with the Curiosity Rover on Mars, and "take that for a spin".

He told the conference that his attempts at that had failed, however.

But his claim was rubbished by Dan Huot from Nasa, who said Mr Roberts never hacked the space station. "It's never happened," he said. "We have a lot of controls in place to prevent it."

He described Mr Roberts' claim as "laughable" and said the systems are not connected to the internet.

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