Sunday 25 February 2018

Guru Gwyneth tops poll of celebs we love to hate


Orla Healy

It's not easy being an Oscar-winning actress slash lifestyle guru. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow, who last week landed the #1 slot in a list of Hollywood's 20 Most Hated Celebrities.

The poll, titled the "20 Most Irritating Personalities in film, music and TV" and conducted by Star magazine, has produced one of the more bewildering takes on the current appeal of celebrities with Paltrow, a one-time national sweetheart, ranked as being more objectionable ("because of her strict diet and health-conscious lifestyle") than, say, the dysfunctionally heavy-handed R&B star Chris Brown who placed at #20.

Apparently, raising your kids on a carb-free diet, or boasting that (at 40) you have the butt of a 22-year-old stripper, now carries more negative juju than giving your girlfriend a good throttling.

Less surprisingly, moody Twilight star Kristen Stewart was awarded second place thanks, no doubt, to the fact that she was caught cheating on her dreamboat co-star/ boyfriend Robert Pattinson with then-married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Jennifer Lopez –whose only crime is being herself – came in third, followed closely by loose-lipped womaniser John Mayer.

Anne Hathaway who, in spite of being this year's most ridiculed Oscar nominee, placed at a respectable #9 behind Madonna (#6) and Justin Bieber (#7) and just ahead of Kim Kardashian who came in 11th, one place behind her manager-mom Kris Jenner. Honourable mentions included tabloid staples Ashton Kutcher (#13), Angelina Jolie (#15), Lindsay Lohan (#16) and Taylor Swift (#18.)

Gwyneth, hopefully, can take some satisfaction in the fact that the Star readers who participated in the poll are obviously not in the target audience for her latest cookbook (It's All Good), which is expected to reach No 1 in the 'Hardback Advice' section of The New York Times best-seller list today.

Suri's jet has Cruise control

Katie Holmes can be forgiven for hating Tom Cruise right about now. The actress, who has been struggling to introduce the couple's precocious daughter Suri to the realities of everyday life in NYC, must not have been consulted before her ex gave the child quite an extravagant present to celebrate her 7th birthday – which fell on Thursday.

According to published reports, Cruise – who relinquished primary custody to Holmes following their split last summer – has arranged for Suri to have permanent access to a private jet which is based at a Manhattan heliport. The gift, of course, makes perfect sense if you are a mega movie star who would like to be able to see your daughter wherever you happen to be shooting. Less so if you are trying to convince a child raised riding limos that taking the subway to school is cool.

And people are still scratching their heads about Holmes's desire to jack her acting lark and sign up for law school.

Kardashians meet Gatsby

Carey Mulligan didn't have to dig too deep to find the perfect inspiration for her performance as Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby. The actress, who channels the classic literary character in Oscar de la Renta threads and Tiffany diamonds on the cover of next month's US Vogue, believes that if Daisy were alive today she would be a member of the Kardashian clan.

"'I seem always curiously interested in myself, and it's so much fun to stand off and look at me. . . ' That's a direct Zelda quote," the 27-year-old Brit tells the magazine. "It's that kind of feeling: I'm-so-little-and-there's-nothing-to-me... She feels like she's living in a movie of her own life. She's constantly on show, performing all the time. Nothing bad can happen in a dream. You can't die in a dream. She's in her own TV show. She's like a Kardashian."

The hyper-private Mulligan admits the lure of such stardom is beyond her. "I once put my hand on my hip on the red carpet," she tells Vogue, "and regretted it instantly." She says she's "quite anxious" about audience reaction to Gatsby, which – thanks to the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay, a score by Jay-Z and costumes by Miuccia Prada – has critics sharpening their pencils.

"I don't want to be torn apart," says Mulligan, who beat off the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and Keira Knightley to land the coveted role. The movie premieres stateside May 10 before opening the Cannes Film Festival on May 15.

Newt takes a dramatic turn

Newt Gingrich is milking the fascination that has come with his newfound Downton Abbey obsession. The former House speaker, who just finished watching the Season 3 box-set with wife Calista, took time out to do an in-depth email interview with Vanity Fair about the drama last week revealing, among other things, that he identifies closely with character Lord Grantham.

"He is constantly worried about the survival of a world he values, and he reluctantly but steadily seeks to adjust to changes, many of which he dislikes or detests," Gingrich wrote, before delivering some sage advice to Lady Edith: "Enjoy life and be yourself. Be more Sybil and less Mary."

Gingrich, who said he was "emotionally ravaged" by a key character's death (which left him "stunned and then teary-eyed"), delivered his best line when asked whether he would like to take "an eight-hour hot-rod-convertible ride" with the Dowager Countess, Martha Levinson or Mrs Patmore. "Mrs Patmore would be more fun and the Dowager Countess would be a far more interesting conversationalist," Gingrich replied, adding: "I would love a ride with Mrs Patmore and high tea with the Dowager Countess."

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