Monday 23 September 2019

Good Samaritan survives after robber's gun jams after one shot

David Kearns

CCTV footage captured the horrifying moment a Good Samaritan intervened to stop a robbery only to be gunned down and left for dead.

Medical student Peter Gold was shot in the stomach when he tried to help a woman being dragged down a laneway by a hooded figure in New Orleans.

Collapsing to the ground, the 25-year-old can be seen looking on in horror as the gunman raises his weapon a second time only for it to jam.

Mr Gold can be seen pleading with the gunman as he puts it to his head and repeatedly tries to shoot the 25-year-old.

After three attempts, the gunman gives up and casual walks away. He left the scene with the woman’s purse, said police.

Mr Gold is said to be recovering well following the shooting.

No arrests have yet to be made, reports.

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