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Giant green blob is 'alive' in space

The Hubble Space Telescope got its first peek at a mysterious giant green blob in outer space and found that it is strangely alive.

The bizarre glowing blob (pictured) is giving birth to new stars, some only a couple million years old, in remote areas of the universe where stars do not normally form.

The blob was discovered first by Dutch schoolteacher Hanny van Arkel in 2007 and is named Hanny's Voorwerp.

Nasa released the new Hubble photo at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, Washington.

The blob is the size of the Milky Way, the galaxy that includes the Earth, and it is 650 million light years away.

The blob is mostly hydrogen gas swirling from a close encounter of two galaxies; it glows because it is illuminated by a quasar in one of the galaxies. A quasar is a bright object full of energy powered by a black hole.

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