Friday 20 April 2018

George W Bush: his views on US politics

Andy Bloxham

George W Bush, the former US president, has launched his memoirs and given a series of interviews, which provide interesting insights into his views on US politics.

On recent trends in domestic US politics:

"Here is what I am most concerned about: isolationism, protectionism, and nativism, the evil triplets that occasionally hold hands in America."

On the Tea Party movement:

Bush is dismissive of the Tea Party group, and, implicitly, of Sarah Palin, its leader, by saying it does not have a true figurehead. He compares it unfavourably with Ross Perot's populist movement against his father. He said: "I don't think there is a Tea Party platform. A tea party is a frustrated-people movement. The difference between 1992 and this cycle is that they had a candidate around whom to rally."

On the financial crisis:

He admitted he was "blindsided" by the crisis, but blamed the Democrat-controlled Congress for the meltdown. He also suggested he was not keen to bail out the banks but did so against his ideology for the national good.

On John McCain:

Bush criticised John McCain for trying to distance himself from his own administration. He said he did not campaign on his behalf because he was not asked to do so. He said Mr McCain failed to capitalise on the financial crisis and handle economic issues "in a statesman-like way".

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