Saturday 24 March 2018

Finger of suspicion

A SEVERED finger left at the crime scene helped police in Arizona arrest a man suspected of trying to steal copper wire from a truck.

The cut-off finger was caught in the wiring. Forensic technicians matched the fingerprint to Joshua Allen Goverman. He was booked on suspicion of theft.

Mobster turns cook

ANGELO Lutz (49), who served eight years in jail as a Mafia bookie and debt collector, is using his past in organised crime to promote his new restaurant in New Jersey, the Kitchen Consigliere.

The sign at the front echoes the logo for 'The Godfather', but with a chef's hat. A mural on one wall puts Lutz at a table with famous gangsters, both real (John Gotti) and fictional (Tony Soprano).

Life in old bones yet

MEXICO'S elegant Skeleton Lady is getting a new lease of life about a century after she was created. Mexico City is marking the 100th anniversary of the death of the artist who first drew her, while US movie and rock stars use her as inspiration for Halloween costumes.

Known as the 'Catrina', the figure of a skeleton wearing an elegant broad-brimmed hat was first done as a satirical engraving by artist Jose Guadalupe Posada somewhere between 1910 and his death in January, 1913.

Wheels set in motion

NEW York has approved a plan for a Ferris wheel on Staten Island that is billed as one of the world's largest. The project would feature a 625ft Ferris wheel with a view of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour and the Manhattan skyline.

Construction of the New York Wheel is expected to begin next year, with a grand opening in 2016.

Secret tunnel found

A HIGHLY sophisticated secret tunnel has been discovered on the border connecting San Diego in the US and Tijuana, Mexico.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that the passage was recently completed. Dozens of tunnels have been discovered along the border in recent years, designed largely to smuggle marijuana to the US.

One whale of a price

A 130-year-old whale tusk has sold for £36,000 (€46,500) at an auction in London.

The 2.51 metre-long tusk – which belonged to a narwhal – was presented to Cornelius Fudge, whose name is thought to be the inspiration behind the 'Harry Potter' character, when he left HMS London in 1881.

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