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Facebook photos put ex-con back behind bars after posing with guns


20-year-old Denzel Biggs is barred from possessing any kind of firearm Credit: Denzel Biggs

A man prohibited from ever carrying a gun is back behind bars after posting a photo of himself on Facebook pointing two handguns at a camera.

Denzel Biggs (20) was arrested less than a month after serving two years for a felony gun crime in the United States.

Following his release, he posted a photo of himself to Facebook pointing two guns at a camera.

Two weeks later, he changed his profile picture again to one of him sitting on a couch holding a pair of handguns.

The 20-year-old ex-convict was returned to prision as under US law convicted felonies are barred from possessing firearms.

Biggs was arrested on August 20 after a Detroit police officer saw him crossing the street with a man who appeared to have a bulge in his waistband.

It turned out to be a semi-automatic pistol, records show.

The 20-year-old was being held on an outstanding warrant for possession of a stolen car when he called an unidentified woman telling her that his friend “got caught with my gun.”

Based on his Facebook photos and alleged jail phone conversation, the FBI says there is probable cause that Biggs committed the crime of felon in possession.

He is due to go to trial later this month.

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