Wednesday 25 April 2018

Elliot Rodger meticulously planned university rampage, report says

Elliot Rodger
Elliot Rodger
Elliot Rodger, days before the 22-year-old went on a murderous rampage in California

Andrew Buncombe

A disturbed man who murdered six students researched online how to silently kill, a new report has revealed.

Elliot Rodger (22) is believed to have practised on bed sheets and pillows before stabbing his two roommates and their friend in a shared apartment before shooting three other people.

The son of  Hunger Games producer Peter Rodger killed six university students in California last May before he took his own life.

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The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department have released a new report providing details on how Mr Rodger killed his two roommates and their friend, gunned down two women outside a sorority and shot a man standing on the street.

In the hours leading up to the killing spree, the 22-year-old searched online for ”quiet silent kill with a knife“ and police said he "likely ambushed" each one separably.

Red-tinged walls and blood-soaked paper towels indicated he tried to clean the apartment's hallways and worked to conceal each man's death from the others.

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The families those killed by Mr Rodger have criticised the sheriff's office for not telling them how the killings were carried out, and said they are angered by those they claimed valued the rights of the mentally ill, such as Mr Rodger, over those who may become their victims.

After Rodger killed himself police found three semi-automatic handguns and nearly 550 unspent rounds in his car. All were purchased legally.

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A librarian told investigators that she helped him look up books on serial killers and mass murder two to three months before the rampage, and internet search records showed he had a fascination with Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.

In the report, Sheriff Bill Brown said: “[Mr Rodger] clearly suffered from significant mental illness that ultimately resulted in homicidal and suicidal rage.”

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