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Ellen's Barkin mad for her ex, Angel Gabriel


ANGELINA AND BRAD: Planning on more children

ANGELINA AND BRAD: Planning on more children

ELLEN: Gabriel tribute

ELLEN: Gabriel tribute

PARIS HILTON AS WE'VE NEVER SEEN HER BEFORE: The heiress is the subject of the Paris Hilton Autopsy, a sculpture which creator Daniel Edwards says is a warning against under-age drinking. The work's on show in Brooklyn

PARIS HILTON AS WE'VE NEVER SEEN HER BEFORE: The heiress is the subject of the Paris Hilton Autopsy, a sculpture which creator Daniel Edwards says is a warning against under-age drinking. The work's on show in Brooklyn


ANGELINA AND BRAD: Planning on more children

GABRIEL Byrne may not be so popular with the LA paparazzi anymore, but his ex-wife Ellen Barkin clearly still adores him. Or maybe she just enjoys sticking it to her more recent ex-husband, Revlon mogul Ron Perelman.

Although the Sea of Love star split from her Usual Suspects star husband in 1999, Barkin says she considers her seven-year marriage to Byrne a tremendous success.

Describing her ill-fated union with Perelman as "certainly not the shining moment of my 53 years on this planet", Barkin declared: "Gabriel Byrne is a spectacular man. He's a very smart, very moral guy from a big Irish family. We come from the same working-class environment, the same values. Even now, after splitting up, we've stayed close friends. I admire him enormously."

Barkin, who is making her movie comeback in the highly anticipated Oceans 13 this summer, also revealed why she recently hocked the $20m worth of jewellery that Perelman gave her.

"I didn't want to look down at my hand and be reminded of why I left him," she said.

"I didn't need to carry around the baggage of a man who had tried to make me Mrs Somebody. The jewellery wasn't a trophy for me. It was more like a battle scar."

More babies for Brad
SO MUCH for all the talk about Angelina and Brad heading for a split.

According to the actress, the couple is planning to add "more biological and more adopted" kids to their crew.

In a particularly revealing interview, to be published on May 22 in Reader's Digest, Angelina talks about how she never considered having her own kids until she saw how much Brad reveled in the company of her adopted kids - Maddox, now 5, and Zahara, 2.

"Before I met Brad, I always said I was happy neverto have a child biolog-ically. He told me that hehadn't given up that thought. "Then, a few months after Z came home, I saw Brad with her and Mad, and I realised how much he loved them, and that a biological child would not in any way be a threat. So I said, 'I want to try.'"

The result of that effort - Shiloh - turns one on May 27, a birthday that will also celebrate the recent arrival of three-year-old Pax.

And now, according to Angelina, the only problem the couple have is finding time to spend alone.

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"We try to talk over the swing set. We'll have a date night once everybody is settled," she admits. "We'll get them occupied with a movie and popcorn and try to run off and lock the door for a bit."

Calm down 'Auntie' Jane
JANE Fonda might want to ease up a bit on Hollywood's junior set.

The actress, who took her Georgia Rule co-star Lindsay Lohan to task for misbehaving on set has started ranting on about Paris Hilton.

"I'm glad she's being sentenced. I'm glad she is going to do the time," the increasingly cranky 69-year-old said on Larry King last week. "If she were black, if she were poor, she would have done it much sooner. Maybe the first time that she had an offence. I believe these young people have to, you know, have to - have to learn their lessons, especially if you're rich and spoiled and you are made into a celebrity."

Paris, who is still trying to figure out a way to avoid spending time behind bars for driving on a suspended licence, is spawning a veritable cottage industry in the online betting business.

The habitually sassy site BetUs, is putting 50/1 odds on the possibility that her 45-day incarceration will be extended due to general naughtiness: 150/1 odds on the chance that she may have a Sapphic romance with a fellow jailbird and 5/1 odds on the probability that Paris will declare jail to be "hot".

'Huffman' puts 'em away
FELICITY Huffman, who stars alongside Fonda and Lohan in Georgia Rule was furiously trying to spin a story she says was taken out of context at the movie's NYC premiere on Wednesday night.

The Desperate Housewives actress, who plays Lohan's alcoholic mother in the 'chick-dramady', joked in a recent interview about how she often got blasted for her boozed-up scenes the film.

But on Wednesday, 'Huffman' ruefully acknowledged her attempt at humour had fallen flat, and admitted she's irked by how quickly a reputation as a hard drinker stuck.

"That was a joke and it got pulled out of context," she said, unable to resist adding, "But I like it that I'm known now as the drinking actress."

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