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Ellen Barkin mad at former husband


SPLIT: Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman - and not long before their pre-nup was to be updated

SPLIT: Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman - and not long before their pre-nup was to be updated

MEG RYAN: First TV interview for two years

MEG RYAN: First TV interview for two years


SPLIT: Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman - and not long before their pre-nup was to be updated

ELLEN BARKIN isn't taking the explosive end of her marriage to Revlon mogul Ron Perelman well.

The devastated Sea of Love , actress has moved out of Pearlman's uptown mansion and into the downtown West Village house of her best friend (and Revlon spokes-model) actress Julianne Moore where sources say she is holed up licking her wounds - and a badly bruised ego. On the day she moved, the 51-year-old Barkin was snapped (bag-lady style, with finger-in-the-socket hair, wearing a blanket slung over her shoulders, in socked but shoeless feet) overseeing the moving-crew who were hauling her belongings into a truck.

The notoriously fast-tempered actress flipped out when she spotted a photographer shooting the scene, screaming "If you don't get the [bleep] out of my face, I'm going to kick you so hard in the [bleeps] you won't know what hit you."

Barkin, who was incensed about the fact that the miniature mogul had employed a 24-hour-a-day armed security guard to stand outside his Upper East Side abode so as to avoid any "unnecessary contact", apparently broke down when she was told - by caring girlfriends, no less - that Perelman is already on the hunt for her replacement. Even though she reportedly received $20m in the quickie divorce that was finalised, natch, on February 14, she was opportunistically ousted by the Wall St tycoon just days before the deadline to update their pre-nup, the actress is in such a state that her two kids, Jack and Romey are shacked up with their dad, actor Gabriel Byrne, for the time being.

Julia keeps clothes on BROADWAY'S big-ticket show, Three Days of Rain, starring Julia Roberts, doesn't start previews until March 28, but seats for the 12-week run are already nearly sold out.

The moody family drama based on the 1997 Pulitzer-prize-winning play by Richard Greenberg, which also stars Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper, marks Roberts's stage debut and it's also the biggest celebrity-jolt Broadway has felt since Nicole Kidman's 1998 turn in David Hare's The Blue Room.

Unlike Kidman, Roberts will keep her clothes on in this revival (Patricia Clarkson originally created the female lead role) which the 38-year-old movie star hopes will cinch her reputation as a "serious", actress - so much so, and much to the exasperation of the show's producers, Roberts decided not to allow her famous-face to be featured in the all-important advertising poster for the play.

"It captures the play conceptually, in a subtle way," says art-director Chip Kidd who designed the bleak promo (a man's feet walking through puddles of water) for the play.

"I think the fact that everyone agreed that Julia's face didn't need to be on it shows a tremendous amount of confidence in the material," he adds. That sentiment, however, won't be confirmed until the curtain on Three Days of Rain, rises on April 19.

Meg and her baby Daisy MEG RYAN - a creepy advertisement for the dangers of collagen-lip work - says Russell Crowe didn't break up her marriage to Dennis Quaid.

In her first TV interview in two years (around the time of her lip-enhancement) Ryan told Oprah that her union with Quaid had been "unhealthy", for five years before they eventually split, in 2001.

"It was never about another man," said the 44-year-old actress, considered by industry types to be in desperate need of a "comeback" vehicle.

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"My and Dennis's relationship just couldn't sustain."

Looking eerily like Melanie Griffith, America's former sweetheart probably talked herself out of any potential movie-roles as she droned on, in bizarre, therapy-speak lingo revealing how she currently feels like 'more of a woman' than ever before.

"There are times in every woman's life where she does need to get out and expand and do all those things that make her the best version of herself," Ryan said, referring to her recent Jolie-esque adoption of a baby girl from China. "I thought she was Charlotte and she's just not," Ryan said about her inability to settle on a name for the child. "She's a Daisy - she's got the most open, beautiful, honest face you'll just ever see." And quite possibly one of the most confused kids in the world today.

Dede Harris bites back DEDE HARRIS, the babe-a-licious Broadway producer accused of sexually harassing Byrne and Aidan Quinn among other Great White Way power-players, has finally spoken out. Lawyers for the deep-pocketed divorcee filed a motion last Monday, to dismiss the lawsuit which claims Harris came on to both men and women who worked in her productions, specifically citing actors in the now-shuttered off-Broadway play, Dog Sees God.

Harris, one of the producers behind Martin McDonagh's The Lieutenant of Inishmore, (which opened herelast week to warm reviews) denies all charge of inappropriate behaviour, but acknowledges that the uglyfall-out from the headline-grabbing incident has propelled her into therapy.

"Maybe I'm intimidating, maybe my work leads to those who are gay or married, but I haven't dated in six months," Harris said earlier last week. "I wish I'd had all these affairs. The last was a blind date who stunk so badly of camphor that my eyes teared up and my nose closed. He'd just come from Florida and had taken his clothes out of mothballs."

Asked about the allegations that she "physically offended or assaulted" Byrne and Quinn, the former model-dancer-wife of a FifthAvenue dentist replied:"Gabriel, I dated long back. Nothing romantic. We went to dinner. I've been to his home. We ended up havinga disagreement.

"As for talking intimately with Aidan, we were discussing a shared problem with kids." No comment yet from Byrne. Or Quinn.

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