Thursday 22 February 2018

Early 'brain pruning' makes teen girls mature faster than boys

Teenage girls mature quicker than boys
Teenage girls mature quicker than boys

John von Radowitz

Teenage girls may mature faster than boys because of the way their brains are "pruned", scientists believe.

Research shows that as we age, excess brain connections are cut back while those transmitting essential long-distance signals are preserved.

Studying a group of volunteers up to the age of 40, scientists found that this pruning of neurons takes place earlier in females than in males.

The study suggests that during the process brain function actually improves.

Dr Marcus Kaiser, a member of the team from the University of Newcastle, said: "Long-distance connections are difficult to establish and maintain but are crucial for fast and efficient processing.

"If you think about a social network, nearby friends might give you very similar information, might hear the same news from different people. People from different cities or countries are more likely to give you novel information.

"In the same way, some information flow within a brain module might be redundant whereas information from other modules, say integrating the optical information about a face with the acoustic information of a voice, is vital in making sense of the world."

The findings are reported in the journal 'Cerebral Cortex'.

Co-author Sol Lim, from Seoul University in South Korea, said: "The loss of connectivity during brain development can actually help to improve brain function by reorganising the network more efficiently. Say, instead of talking to many people at random, asking a couple of people who have lived in the area for a long time is the most efficient way to know your way.

"In a similar way, reducing some projections in the brain helps to focus on essential information."

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