Monday 19 February 2018

Dramatic footage: Man who overdoses saved by policeman who pulls him over for speeding Newsdesk Newsdesk

This dashcam footage shows the moment a quick-thinking policeman saved the life of the man he had pulled over for speeding.

State trooper Douglas Cropper first approached the Volkswagen car in Portland as it was travelling over the speed limit.

Cropper took the license and registration from the male driver and returned to his own cruiser and wrote him a ticket.

However, when he returned with the ticket, he soon realised that the driver of the car was actually overdosing on drugs and needed urgent medical attention.

The footage shows Cropper alerting a dispatcher and emergency room nurse, Leon Chick, who was coincidentally driving by, stopping at the scene.

Draggng the unresponsive man from his car, Cropper immediately started applying chest compressions to the apparently unresponsive man.

“I had my hand on his chest and his heart was pounding when he was coming around,” Cropper said. “His colour started coming back a little bit. He was breathing a lot stronger on his own.”

The man - whom police would not identify because of health privacy laws - was taken to a local hospital.

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