Monday 18 December 2017

Doctors find pea sprouting from lung of man (75)

Steve LeBlanc in Boston

DOCTORS say they have found a pea sprouting in the lung of a 75-year-old man.

Massachusetts man Ron Sveden was rushed to hospital with a collapsed lung and doctors feared the worst when they studied his X-rays and spotted a small dark spot. The former teacher had worked for years smoking fish and had already had emphysema before he felt his health take a turn for the worse this summer.

By the time Sveden reached the hospital, he had a collapsed left lung and pneumonia. Two biopsies came back negative for lung cancer. Feeding a scope down Sveden's throat, Dr Jeff Spillane scraped away at an encrusted mass and discovered a sprout. Spillane says Sveden apparently inhaled a pea that took root in his lung. Spillane removed it, and Sveden's health has returned. Doctors believe that Mr Sveden ate the pea at some point, but it "went down the wrong way" and sprouted.

"One of the first meals I had in the hospital after the surgery had peas for the vegetable. I laughed to myself and ate them," said Mr Sveden. Mr Sveden said the plant was about half an inch (1.25cm) in size. "Whether this would have gone full-term and I'd be working for the Jolly Green Giant, I don't know. I think the thing that finally dawned on me is that it wasn't the cancer," Mr Sveden said.

He is recovering at home with his wife Nancy, who that joked God must have a sense of humour.

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