Saturday 20 January 2018

Dad told live on air his missing 12-year-old son found alive in the basement of home

Heather Saul

A 12-year-old boy who was reported missing 11 days ago has been found alive and well in the basement of his parent’s Detroit home on Wednesday, police searching the home have said.

Detectives say Charlie Bothuell V was found crouched in the basement of the family home surrounded by a makeshift barricade of boxes, after an extensive search for him following his disappearance on 14 June.

Charlie's father Charles Bothuell IV was told during a taped interview for the Nancy Grace show that his son had been discovered by police in his home.

Police had arrived at his property that afternoon with a search warrant.

Host Nancy Grace broke the news to Bothuell, asking him: "How could your son be alive in your basement?" Bothuell, drawing deep breaths, responded with "I.. I have, I have no idea".

Detectives said Charlie did not call out when they arrived but appeared happy to see officers. Bedding was found near him although it is not clear if he had been in the home occupied by his stepmother and father the entire time he was missing.

"He was nervous, but excited," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said. "He indicated he was hungry. He appeared fine."

Charlie's father had appeared on the Nancy Grace show appealing for help in locating his son.

After news of his son's whereabouts emerged, Bothuell said he was unaware Charlie was in the basement and told reporters at the scene "no abuse of my son" had taken place.

He said the last time he had seen his son was at his home, which had been searched several times with cadaver dogs.

A visibly shocked Bothuell said: "I searched my basement, my wife searched my basement, the FBI searched my basement, the Detroit Police searched my basement... I've been down there several times".

"For anybody to imply that I somehow knew that my son was in the basement, it's absurd and it's wrong.”

His father reportedly undertook a polygraph test administered by the FBI, which proved inconclusive, the Associated Press reported.

Police said Charlie has been taken to hospital for a medical evaluation, but did not comment on any other details of the investigation.

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