Sunday 18 March 2018

Controversial YouTuber Nicole Arbour defends herself against domestic abuse allegations

Nicole published a video defending herself against the claims, which she says were about her
Nicole published a video defending herself against the claims, which she says were about her
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

YouTuber Nicole Arbour has addressed allegations made by fellow YouTuber and ex-boyfriend Matthew Santoro about his experience of domestic abuse in a relationship.

In the video intro, Santoro claims the video was filmed in September 2015, edited and uploaded on private to his YouTube channel.

He wrote that he had "no intention" of publishing it but that on the tenth of January 2016, he "accidentally" set it to public briefly.

He says that the positive reaction to the video encouraged him to make it public for good.

In the video, he claims that an unnamed ex-girlfriend made him "push away everyone else in my life".

"I had a panic attack one night because I couldn't handle being on eggshells with this person... I left an event I was at and ended it with this person".

Matthew posted a video about a former relationship with an unnamed individual
Matthew posted a video about a former relationship with an unnamed individual

"The person prevented me from leaving their home, said "you're not going anywhere", at which point I was hit in the face".

"When someone you loves strikes you... it's indescribable. You feel shame, you feel embarassment... you think, was it my fault?"

Controversial YouTuber Nicole Arbour posted a video entitled "Abuse Story... my side", in which she says the claims made in Santoro's video are about her and that they are "not true".

"The video that you watched makes me sad because it is abuse. Abuse of a platform of young, impressionable followers... there was no domestic abuse. It didn't happen".

She shared clips from a livestream taken "one week before I broke up with my ex-boyfriend" in which the couple are laughing and cuddling.

She says that the reason the relationship ended was that she had "asked repeatedly for my private life not to be put on the internet but he repeatedly stepped over that mark".

"The way that he wanted to be a YouTuber and have everything be public all the time wasn't for me".

She said that the only reason the video went live was "to hurt me".

"It was amicable at first... until my videos started doing well, and his feelings about the breakup turned to anger, turned to a whole bunch of lies".

Nicole Arbour went viral last year for her video 'Dear Fat People'. During the period of backlash against that video, a number of allegations were brought to light on the 'Drama Alert' podcast. Rob Dyke, a 'mutual friend' of the couple claimed that Arbour was abusive towards Santoro. The video on YouTube now has over one million views.

Referring to the podcast, she said "people I'd never met started doing interviews" when she went viral.

"There's something very wrong with YouTube and it's the obsession with manufactured drama".

"It's in poor taste... crying wolf on a serious subject and trying to fabricate a story... it's sick. It diminishes the validity of people's stories that have actually suffered".

At the time of the Drama Alert podcast going live, Santoro tweeted his thanks for the supportive messages and promised to think about addressing it himself, to which Arbour replied and asked him to leave the past in the past.

Santoro has five million subscribers on his informational video channel and over 700,000 subscribers on his video blog (vlog) channel. Since being uploaded on the eleventh of January, the video has been viewed over one million times.

Nicole Arbour has over 289,000 subscribers on YouTube and over a million fans on Facebook.

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