Friday 22 November 2019

Careful bear caught on camera stealing cookies from candy shop

Colleen Slevin in Denver

A BLACK bear went in and out of a Colorado candy store numerous times, but he used the front door and didn't break a thing.

The bear did, however, steal some treats from the Estes Park store, including English toffee and some chocolate-chip cookies called "cookie bears".

Surveillance video at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory released yesterday showed the bear prying open the door and grabbing some candy near the registers. He took the treats outside and ate them, then returned for more.

The bear made seven trips in about 15 minutes, finally leaving after a passing car scared him away.

Store owner Jo Adams said the bear managed to pop open the door because the deadbolt wasn't completely secured.

She said the only evidence her mindful visitor left behind was some dirt on a counter and some paper on the ground. There weren't even any wrappers, so she assumes he ate those too.

"He was very clean and very careful. He ate a lot of candy," said Adams.

Keeping bears out of human food in homes, garbage cans and cars is an ongoing struggle in Colorado's mountain towns, particularly this summer.

With their normal summer diet of greens and berries shrivelled by the worst US drought in decades, there have been numerous reports throughout the country of hungry bears rummaging through people's garbage and sometimes breaking into houses and cars in search of food.

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