Monday 19 August 2019

Car thieves drop 8-year-old off at school after stealing car and inadvertently kidnapping him

The thieves dropped him off at this elementary school
The thieves dropped him off at this elementary school Credit:YouTube/WAVY10

Sarah-Jane Murphy

An eight-year-old boy, listening to music in his mother's car, was mistakenly kidnapped when thieves jumped into the vehicle and drove away.

The incident occurred in Norfolk County, Virginia in the U.S.

The boy told police that two men lept into the car and immediately noticed the him sitting in the back.

in order to put him at ease, they told him they were there to take him to school.

The boy directed the men to his school and said he was "only a little bit afraid".

Police found the car was found three miles away from the boy's elementary school using the Find My iPhone app on the mother's phone.

The boy's mother told police she regularly leaves the boy in her car while the engine is running.

He listens to music while she begins work at a post office.

She said she then returns to the car and drives him to school.

On the morning of the incident the woman admitted the boy was alone in her car for 30 minutes.

When she returned to her car she realised it had been stolen and alerted police.

A police spokesperson said the mother may face charges for leaving the child alone for a long period of time.

"We found the child at school, unharmed, sitting in the classroom with a smile on his face," Norfolk Police Department spokesman Daniel Hudson told local news station WAVY.

"The investigators are still trying to determine if there was any type of danger to the child while the keys were inside the vehicle and the engine running.

"They don't want to jump to conclusions, they want to talk with her, figure things out," Hudson said.

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