Sunday 18 March 2018

Brazil's valley of beauties appeal for single men

Women of Noiva do Cordeiro in Brazil looking for men
Women of Noiva do Cordeiro in Brazil looking for men

Donna Bowater

It sounds like a tale from Greek mythology: a small rural town hidden in the rolling hills, populated by beautiful women who are looking for love.

But this is the reality for the ladies of Noiva do Cordeiro, deep in the countryside of south-east Brazil.

In the picturesque 600-strong community, where men are scarce or work far away in the city, the women are left to shoulder the town's burdens alone.

The situation has led some of the women, who are known throughout Brazil for their beauty, to put out an appeal for single men.

"Here, the only men we single girls meet are either married or related to us; everyone is a cousin," said Nelma Fernandes (23).

"I haven't kissed a man for a long time. We all dream of falling in love and getting married. But we like living here and don't want to have to leave the town to find a husband.

"We'd like to get to know men who would leave their own lives and come to be a part of ours. But first they need to agree to do what we say and live according to our rules."

Noiva do Cordeiro, which translates as Bride of the Lamb, has a reputation for its strong female community .

Its founder, Maria Senhorinha de Lima, settled in the town when she was branded an adulteress and exiled from her own church and home back in 1891. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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