Friday 13 December 2019

'Bodyguard blanket' promises to protect school children 'in the event of a school shooting'

"Run. Hide. Fight" is the slogan

Clare Cullen

The product promises to "protect our children and teachers in the event of a school shooting".

The company behind the 'Stormguard blanket', a blanket "designed to significantly reduce the impact from falling/ flying debris", this year launched their new product, the 'Bodyguard Blanket'.

This product is "same materials our U.S. soldiers wear while in battle, and is equal to or exceeds the protection used by our police departments" and is designed to be "bullet resistant".

The idea of the 'Bodyguard Blanket' is that it would be used to "provide a quick, simple solution for maximum protection against a school intruder".

Small blankets retail from $1,000 each to $1,600 each for the large version.

Reaction the the product online has not been favourable, with users declaring the company "shameless".

Earlier this year, the company were reported to have been "ordered" by the Department of Justice to "stop claiming" that they project passed the National Institute of Justice ballistic projectile test.

The Department of Justice's Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Chuck Wagner, said "The NIJ only certifies the results of ballistic tests, and these blankets never went through that process."

He went on to describe the product as "ineffective, pointless, and a massive waste of money for schools with limited resources".

The blankets are rated against handgun rounds while the school shootings referred to in their advertising campaigns were carried out with rifles.

Harper Magazine reported that the company described sales as "spirited".


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