Sunday 25 February 2018

Blogger's fans get troll fired from job for 'death and rape threats'

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A man who trolled a blogger and YouTuber has been fired from his job after her fans tracked down his professional pages and exposed his abuse.

A man man who left numerous abusive public comments on a trans blogger's Facebook fan page has been let go from his job after his employers became aware of his activities online.

Writing for the Huffington Post, Kat explained that the "most effective" method she has against trolls is through taking screenshots.

"I take screen shots for many reasons...I deal with a fair amount of harassment for speaking up for the numerous marginalized communities that I embody as a black woman of trans experience".

"I'm not someone who believes that all white men are intrinsically racist. I do, however, notice that being white and being male in the U.S. comes with its benefits and often those benefits come with a sense of entitlement that I've never felt as a black woman".

Kat shared a number of screenshots from one user in the piece, explaining that he was a "perfect example of the average way in which a person who disagrees with me expresses as much", adding that the comments "usually start with slurs and is accented with blatant racism towards the end".

Kat posted a screenshot of the user's comments in which his employer was visible and her 30,000-strong fanbase went to work, tracking down and leaving negative comments on his work and professional pages. Some even directly contacted his employer to complain that his behaviour was against the company's code of conduct.

"I have a fan base that really loves me. Loves me enough to call me out when I'm wrong and loves me enough to defend me when I'm being wronged. It became clear that people were starting to collect screen shots of their own and they had started to forward them to (his employer)".

Kat distanced herself from this behaviour, writing "I never encouraged anyone to track him down or post on his page".

"I didn't ask for it, but it felt good that there were so many people who cared enough about me to defend me".

Kat wrote that she woke up to her fans sharing a screenshot of a response email from the user's company which read "(We) have zero tolerance for this sort of behaviour. The individual is no longer affiliated with the company".

"I didn't want him to get fired. I can't say that I felt bad about him being fired though. He's someone who works for the public who in his spare time sends death and rape threats to women".

"I didn't get him fired. He did".

Taking to her Facebook Page to defend the piece, Kat wrote that what bothered her about the user's comments was "having people rush to defend him".

The blogger, who has spoken out about sexual assaults in her past, was triggered by the abusive comments and those defending them.

"Being told to take this lightly really messes with me... This is why women remain silent".

"As a woman, I should never have to tolerate threats of sexual violence."

"He still doesn't see how what he did was wrong... that's scary. It's unsettling to me".

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