Friday 13 December 2019

Bill Clinton's glamorous fundraiser called "worst party ever" by angry guests

Hosted by Bill Clinton (right), the night was attended by actress Gwyneth Paltrow (left)
Hosted by Bill Clinton (right), the night was attended by actress Gwyneth Paltrow (left)

Hannah Furness

AN exclusive event hosted by Bill Clinton and attended by a host of celebrity friends has been criticised after guests who paid up to €1,200 for tickets were left queuing outside for hours.

Attendees complained the underground venue in Waterlook in London “stank”, with perspiration “dripping off the walls” and the rooms too crowded to even see the former president.

One, who called it the “worst party ever” described how “angry people” were waiting in the queue outside while high-profile guests were admitted, and another condemned the event as “unpleasant”.

The evening had been intended as a fundraising event for the Clinton Foundation Millennium Network, which was set up to “encourage the next generation to address global challenges”.

Hosted by Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea, the night was attended by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, model Lily Cole, performer Will.I.Am and Princess Beatrice.

Glamorous photographs of the event document Clinton’s short speech addressing the issue of climate change, as well smartly-dressed attendees enjoying themselves.

A standard ticket to the event cost £125, with some understood to have paid up to €1200 for a chance to meet the politician.

But other photographs, taken from outside the venue, show hundreds of people queuing along a wall and guests entering through doors painted with graffiti.

Twitter: Michael Liebreich - If I were former President of the US I wouldn't let people stand in line for an hour to meet me under a railway arch! #StillWaiting

A source told The Daily Telegraph: "We arrived, there was perspiration dripping off the walls and the place absolutely stank. It was like walking into a cave.

"We left at 9.15pm with a number of other people as the place was too crowded, too unpleasant and nothing had happened.

"We couldn't even get into the room where Bill Clinton was supposed to be speaking - it was just embarrassing.

"When we got outside there were still long queues of people waiting to get in."

Another guest said: "We got to the venue at 7.40pm and were still in the queue at 9.20pm so we just gave up. There were three of us and we had each paid £125 to go."

Twitter: Marie Phillips - WORST. PARTY. EVER. The queue was the highlight. Unbelievable.

Marie Phillips, author of Gods Behaving Badly, said she had she had spent one and a half hour waiting outside with around 300 other people, and had missed most of the evening's speeches.

“Bill Clinton only spoke for about two minutes and was basically inaudible. He was at the end of a very long, very crowded room and the acoustics were terrible.

“In the end I went into a side room to watch it on a screen, which was basically like seeing him on TV.

“It was completely rammed and I felt like the organisers just hadn’t really done much with it.

“If they can’t organise a party in London, and almost literally can’t organise a p*** up in a brewery, then how are they spending the rest of the charity's money?

“If their organisational capacity is this bad, where is it going? It ought to be easier to arrange a party than to solve third world debt or fulfil their other aims.

“It was a disgrace. How could they have got it so wrong?”

She added she would be requesting a refund and donating the money to another charity “had more faith in”.

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