Monday 18 December 2017

Amanda Knox 'could donate book and TV deal money to Meredith Kercher'

Mark Hughes and Nick Allen

AMANDA Knox will consider donating some of the proceeds of her expected book and television deal to Meredith Kercher's family, her relatives have suggested.

The possibility of giving a slice of the earnings to the grieving Kercher family was raised by Miss Knox's grandmother, who also revealed that publishers have already approached the family with proposed book deals.

Elisabeth Huff said that one publisher turned up unannounced at her home in south west Seattle shortly after Miss Knox's conviction was overturned on Monday evening, arriving even before the 24-year-old had landed back in the USA.

Miss Knox looks certain to earn upwards of £1 million by selling her story, with television companies vying to secure the first interview with her and publishers keen to secure the rights to her story.

Yesterday Mrs Huff said that it would be a "good idea" if some of the money was given to the Kercher family, who have spent thousands travelling to Italy to follow their daughter's trial and the subsequent appeal of Miss Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.

Mrs Huff said that any money earned would be used firstly to pay off the costs incurred by the Knox family, who are estimated to have spent more than $1million (£650,000) on the appeal which saw her freed.

And she suggested that supporters who made donations to the family's appeal may also be reimbursed.

But, asked whether a donation may be made to the Kerchers the 74-year-old added: "It's a good idea. First of all we need to pay our bills and look after that. I had no idea yet what plans are in and we have people helping us with finances. We have got donations from people all over the world.

"We haven't discussed money any farther than seeing what we can pay the lawyers and the experts that helped? I don't want to talk for the others, I have just given you my opinion. That is something that can be looked at.

"You have to remember, we have felt for the Kerchers long before we have felt for Amanda."

Mrs Huff also revealed that offers from publishing companies have already started to arrive, with one publisher turning up unannounced at her home.

She said: "We were so involved with the legal proceedings nobody had time to figure out any media deals.

"I had an insane man come to me yesterday to talk to me about book deals. What an insane idea. That is totally crazy, the girl was not even home yet, we didn't know if she was even going to get out of there. It was after the verdict. He knocked on the door and wanted to discuss book deals and media deals."

Dave Marriott, who was hired as a publicist for Miss Knox in 2007, said he has advised the family to "go dark", meaning it could be months before she tells her story.

It has already been revealed that Miss Knox and her former boyfriend Mr Sollecito may be reunited after the Knox family invited him to visit Seattle. Mrs Huff said the pair had a brief conversation in the courthouse in Perugia following the verdict which saw them freed.

But Mrs Huff dismissed the possibility that they would get back together. She said: "How do you keep a love affair going after four years in prison? How are you going to do that?"

Miss Knox's father Curt Knox revealed she had met up with David , who she had ended a relationship with when she left for Italy - but he insisted the pair were just friends.

Mr Knox said he hoped Rudy Guede, the man convicted of Miss Kercher’s murder, would now admit exactly what happened. “I hope he will speak the truth and maybe give the Kerchers some closure on their daughter’s death," he said.

"But I don’t think he’s man enough to do that.

“I believe he is the sole perpetrator. The evidence is too overwhelming and not in his favour.”

Mr Knox said no plans or deals for an interview with his daughter had been made. He said his daughter should not be seen as a “hot property for an interview.”

"I’m more interested in her well being and whether there are any long lasting emotional effects after being in prison for four years," he said.

He said his daughter was staying indoors to keep her location secret. He said: “At this stage of the game it’s a different version of jail.”

But he said she had been able to fulfil her wish to walk on some grass.

Mr Knox said his daughter has “an extraordinarily large number of journals” and indicated they would stack up to 3ft high.Her prison journals had to be brought back from Italy in a suitcase.

Miss Knox has received hate mail since her release. Mr Knox said: “Everyone does it anonymously because they’re too chicken to stand up in front of your face.”

There was nothing police could do about the mail which included “everything up to” but not including death threats, he said. “If you have no return address you can’t do much about it.”

He would not say what country the hate mail came from.

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