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Also-ran Michele Bachmann quits race for White House


2011 Getty Images

2011 Getty Images

2011 Getty Images

MICHELE Bachmann – the arch right-wing Minnesota congresswoman and Republican presidential hopeful – today ended her White House campaign after a dismal showing in the Iowa caucus, which was won by the slimmest of margins by centrist Mitt Romney.

Surprise package conservative Rick Santorum came within eight votes of Romney in a dramatic finish.

Bachmann first cancelled her campaign trip to South Carolina on Wednesday and followed up shortly afterwards by quitting the race at a news conference..

Bachmann (55) told a dwindling band of supporters on Tuesday night that she was staying in the presidential race – despite her sixth-place finish – as the only true conservative who could defeat Barack Obama.

But her faltering campaign has run virtually out of money.

She had peaked early with a first place finish in the Iowa GOP's summer straw poll.

But by mid-to-late September polling showed Bachmann was back to single digits

She then refocused her campaign efforts on Iowa, the state where she grew up. But her sixth place finish was a defeat too heavy to bear, on over-night reflection.

The New Hampshire primary is the next contest in the race, closely followed by South Carolina later in the month.

Bachmann clearly decided today that to contest either would be a waste of slim resources and time.