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'A lot of people hate me. I don’t know why?' Gay teenager’s pain laid bare in YouTube video


Jonah Mowry has been bullied form the age of seven

Jonah Mowry has been bullied form the age of seven

Jonah Mowry has been bullied form the age of seven

THE emotional pain of an American teenager who has been bullied from the age of seven has become a Twitter sensation after Perez Hilton posted his support for the boy.

Jonah Mowry (14) revealed how he had tried to commit suicide in the YouTube video.

"I've cut...a lot. I have scars. Suicide was an option...many times," he confesses on two of the cards as he sobs in the video, which has been posted on Perez Hilton, Gawker and other sites.

He posted the emotional outpouring three months ago, but it went viral after celebrity blogger Perez Hilton tweeted yesterday offering words of encouragement to the teenager.

“Tears of happiness are acceptable! But no more crying! The whole world is sending you so much love. You are amazing!!!!” Hilton said.

Jonah Mowry replied: Words can’t express how thankful I am!”

In the video Jonah says that he has considered suicide but then vows to continue on: “I am not going anywhere because I am stronger than that.”

Hilton then posted an update on the gay teenager and said: “We are very happy to report that Jonah is doing very well and happy!

“The internet can oftentimes be a big bad thing. But, in times like this, it can be quite beautiful!

“We also invited Jonah to our birthday party in March (all expenses paid by us) and we can't wait to meet him and for him to enjoy all the cool performers and get to meet all the celebrity guests! It should be some much-needed major fun! Because that is what life is all about - having fun! And sticking around long enough to enjoy all the fun to come!

“Life is not fun every single day. But it is a great gift and you are special! Know that!

“Share Jonah's video with your friends!

“It gets better! It really does!”