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Aid for Nazi victims

A fund for Jewish victims of Nazi crimes says it has reached an agreement with the German government for Berlin to provide some $1bn (€776m) in homecare for victims.

A spokeswoman for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany said that about 56,000 survivors in about 46 different countries would receive financial support under the agreement for a four-year period from 2014-2017.


A jailed member of the punk group Pussy Riot has been taken to hospital on the seventh day of a hunger strike to protest at what she calls a persecution campaign.

Maria Alekhina was transferred to a hospital in her prison colony in the Ural Mountains town of Berezniki, said Pyotr Verzilov, the husband of one of her bandmates.

Alekhina went on a hunger strike after she was barred from attending her parole hearing. Three band members were convicted last year of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" for a protest against Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral.


A FIRE has broken out on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, doing sufficient damage to cancel the remainder of the voyage. The company said that the 2,200 passengers will be flown from the Bahamas back to the US after the incident on Monday, the latest in a series of problems to hit the cruise industry.

No one was reported injured in the fire, and its cause was not immediately known.


A new study based on pairs of Canadian twins suggests that genetics play a strong role in how long children sleep at night, but their environment may be more important for afternoon naps.

Researchers compared sleep patterns for close to 500 sets of identical and fraternal twins. They found that especially as children got older, environmental influences – which include when parents put children in bed, for example – explained their napping differences.


Everyone's favourite literary singleton will return in a new novel entitled 'Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy.'

Publishers revealed the title of Helen Fielding's forthcoming book yesterday. The new book will be published in October.

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