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We have motive for honeymoon killing, police say ahead of hearing

Police claim they have now established a motive behind the murder of Anni Dewani, the bride killed during her honeymoon in Cape Town.

Police Commissioner Bheki Cele said detectives knew why Mrs Dewani (28), had been killed and planned to disclose the details at an extradition hearing in London tomorrow.

Shrien Dewani has been accused of hiring hitmen to murder his wife for stg£1,400 (€1,671), a charge he denies.

The disclosure by Mr Cele appeared to be aimed at persuading Mr Dewani to return to South Africa voluntarily. Mr Cele refused to give details of the alleged motive but said: "It might come out on Thursday as we'll be having this hearing and if it needs to come out there it will be fine," he said.

Explaining Mr Cele's comments, a police spokesman added: "If Mr Dewani comes forward and agrees to come to South Africa, this will no longer be necessary."

McIntosh Polela, a spokes- man for the police unit running the investigation, said the senior investigating officer on the case, Lt-Col Mike Bark- huizen, had gathered further "good leads" since arriving in London last week. Max Clifford, who represents Mr Dewani, said discussions about whether Mr Dewani would return to South Africa voluntarily or fight extradition proceedings were ongoing.

Mr Dewani claims he and his wife were carjacked by two unknown men as their taxi driver drove them through Gugulethu township after dinner on November 13 last year.

He and Zola Tongo, the driver, were forced out of the car unharmed but Mrs Dewani was found shot dead in the car the following morning.

If he does not agree to return, police said they were confident he would be extradited. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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