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Twenty years on, Robinson returns to see 'grim reality' of devastating crisis

ALMOST 20 years after she first visited Somalia during a devastating famine an emotional Mary Robinson returned to a cockpit of suffering yesterday.

The former president was visiting Northern Kenya yesterday where many have fled from the drought-stricken region.

The United Nations has warned that the lives of millions could be lost due to starvation, rising food prices and conflict in Somalia.

Mrs Robinson was visibly moved by the individual stories of people.

She urged nations to do more to help. Mrs Robinson said her three- day trip, during which she will visit Dadaab, a teeming refugee camp on Kenya's border with Somalia which is home to some 400,000 Somalis escaping starvation, would allow her to witness the "grim reality" of the crisis.

"This is an extraordinarily serious crisis and it is much worse than people realise," she said.

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