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Rebels in fresh African Cup warning

A separatist leader warned last night that rebels could launch more attacks during the African Cup of Nations tournament.

Three people were killed and eight wounded on Friday during an attack on the Togolese national team bus as it travelled with an Angolan escort to the continentwide football tournament. Angolan separatist group the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda, claimed responsibility.

"Cabinda is at war, there is no truce," Rodrigues Mingas, the group's self-proclaimed leader, said. However, Mingas says the separatists were only targeting soldiers guarding the bus, but added that his men would continue to attack Angolan forces -- even those providing security at the stadium in Cabinda, where three more African Cup games are to be played.

Mingas insisted that fans, players and foreigners would not be targeted.

He said Friday's attack was not targeted at the Togolese team or the tournament itself.

"You know the insurgents don't have a crystal ball . . . it was routine," he said. "With binoculars they looked and said, 'Look there are some Angolan troops over there, let's ambush them'." Mingas has spoken to Western media over the past days from a French mobile phone although his whereabouts are unclear.

The next game in Cabinda comes on Friday when Ivory Coast plays Ghana, a clash of teams with many players from Europe's richest leagues.

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