Saturday 18 November 2017

Rebels help themselves to Gaddafi family possessions

As rebels took control of the Libyan capital at the weekend, the luxurious homes -- symbols of the Gaddafi family's excesses -- were among their first targets. After driving out the guards, rebels trashed and looted the villas and neighbours wandered through the wreckage expressing their anger at the family's wealth and ostentatious tastes.

"I can't even believe what I am seeing," said Muftah Shubri, a resident of Tripoli's western Nofleen neighbourhood.

Gaddafi's rule over Libya had increasingly become a family business, with the dictator divvying up key spheres of interest, from oil to security, among his sons.

About 200 people stormed Al-Saadi's home yesterday, said Seifallah (23) a rebel who participated in the looting. Seifallah said he took a bottle of gin, a toothbrush with a gilded handle and a pair of Diesel jeans. "We wanted to have the stuff that he had," he said.

Irish Independent

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