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Protesters demand justice and democracy at embassy demo

MEMBERS of Ireland's Egyptian community demanded justice and democracy for their homeland as they demonstrated outside the Egyptian embassy in Dublin yesterday.

More than a dozen Egyptian nationals joined members of the Irish Anti-war Movement (IAWM) in calling for the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak as their countrymen staged mass demonstrations in Cairo.

Fawzy El Bastawisy (37), who hails from Alexandria, said Egyptians living in Ireland fully supported the pro-democracy movement, which has seen five demonstrators killed by the president's security forces.

The Dublin-based IT worker, who has lived in Ireland for the past 15 years, said he took part in yesterday's protest to "show solidarity for the people in Egypt to say to them that we are behind you and we support you".

"I am 37 years old and that regime has been in my country for 30 years. We need to remove that regime. There is corruption everywhere. There are food riots every few months and we need to get rid of this as soon as we can," he told the Irish Independent.

IAWM chairperson Richard Boyd Barrett said Egypt's democracy movement was to be praised for putting a spotlight on the corruption of the 83-year-old dictator, whom he said is "despised for presiding over a society in which a tiny minority has amassed enormous wealth while more than 23pc of the population of 79 million live under the official poverty line".

Irish Independent