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Outrage over video of frail Mandela

Nelson Mandela's daughter attacked Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president, for inviting television cameras to record a visit to her father which showed him looking frail and bewildered by the politicians jostling around him.

Maki Mandela said the public airing of the footage, which has prompted widespread condemnation from South Africans, was "undignified and in bad taste".

"There's not a single grandchild or child in their sane mind who would want their parent or grandparent to be exposed to the public in this state," she said.

"I would never expose him to that. I wouldn't like it if I was in that condition for my picture to be shown – I would want people to remember me in the good times."

Concern about the health of the 94-year-old Mr Mandela grew last month when he was re-admitted to hospital with a lung infection.

The images aired by the public broadcaster SABC on Monday of the ruling African National Congress visit to Mr Mandela's Johannesburg home were the first of the former president in nearly nine months and gave a graphic representation of how his health is failing.

The release of the footage has prompted accusations of political exploitation by the ANC, which is facing a voter backlash in next year's elections over its failure to reduce unemployment and wealth inequality. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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