Sunday 21 April 2019

'No inflation' as Zimbabwe runs out of things to sell

Zimbabwe can no longer calculate the rate of inflation because there are not enough goods left in the shops to allow price comparisons, the Central Statistical Office claimed yesterday.

Moffat Nyoni, the Director of the CSO in Harare, said that it had been impossible to compile reliable data for the past month because of "the unavailability of required information such as prices of goods, due to their shortage on the formal market".

This month reports citing leaks from the CSO said that the bureau had calculated annual inflation in October at 14,840pc -- almost double the 8,000pc of September.

Each passing month's statistics openly contradict the Government's constantly trumpeted claim that it is beating inflation.

Goods have been scarce since July, when businesses were forced to slash their prices to well under what it cost to buy or produce them.

President Mugabe hoped that the strategy would beat inflation, which he believes is a plot by businesses in collusion with Western governments to encourage revolt. Shops that refused to lower their prices were raided. Twice this year, the Government has stopped or delayed the publication of CSO figures. (© The Times, London)

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