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New footage shows terrified tourists fleeing Tunisia museum during terrorist attack

A video has emerged showing the moment terrified tourists fled at the sound of gunfire inside the Tunisian massacre museum last week.

The footage initially shows the crowd taking a tour of the Bardo Museum in Tunis, which is  famous for its collection of Roman mosaics, before being shocked at gunfire out of shot.

"Did someone shoot?" one person can be heard saying in Italian.

After several more bouts of gunfire, the crowd flees from the museum floor. The tour group were led to safety behind a staircase by their guides, who can repeatedly be heard telling them not to speak so as not to reveal their location to the gunmen.

The video was recorded by Marcello and Maria Rita Salvatori who were taking part in a cruise ship tour and obtained by Italian daily La Repubblica.

In total, 20 tourists and a Tunisian police officer were shot by two gunmen, who were also shot dead at the scene. The Bardo Museum was expected to re-open on Tuesday after the attacks last week, but that plan has since been scrapped.

"The interior ministry says that for security reasons we cannot receive a large number of visitors," the museum’s head of communications Hanene Srarfi told AFP, adding that there has been no date confirmed yet.

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