Wednesday 25 April 2018

Man stunned as wife who 'died' two years ago is spotted on TV show

Doctors said the woman had passed away following a car crash in 2014

A screenshot of the TV show Al Mujtafun
A screenshot of the TV show Al Mujtafun

A man who believed his wife was dead found out she was in fact still alive after she was spotted on a television programme.

Abragh Mohamed, from Azilal, Morocco, thought he had lost his spouse in a car crash two years ago.

The small mountain village of Azilal, where 'Mrs Mohamed' was buried
The small mountain village of Azilal, where 'Mrs Mohamed' was buried

The unnamed woman was taken to the Ibn Rochd hospital in Casablanca, where doctors said she would probably not survive - but that the family still had to pay her medical bills.

Mr Mohamed travelled four hours to his small mountain village and back, but was told on his return that she had died.

“I had to receive her body, apparently wrapped in a shroud and coffin already inside,” Mr Mohamed told Nuevo Dia.  She was given a burial in their hometown in 2014.

But recently friends watching a show which sets out to reunite 'lost' families heard a woman they were sure was Mrs Mohamed appealing to find her husband.

She apparently called in to TV programme Al Mokhtafoun, which translates as 'The Disappeared', and gave his name and address, saying they had "lost touch" two years ago.

It sparked a social media furore as it was revealed that Mr Mohamed had in fact buried a different woman at the funeral service.

"I did not know it was a different body that we buried and my wife was still alive," Mr Mohamed said.

The exact circumstances of what happened following the crash are as yet unknown.

But the story has proven popular on social media in Morocco, where users have been coming up with numerous theories to explain the event - including that Mrs Mohamed may have been suffering from memory loss.

Medical or administrative incompetence have been blamed for the error, Nuevo Dia reports

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