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Fears rise for aid workers caught up in growing crisis

Louise Hogan

IRISH aid agencies are closely monitoring the Kenyan crisis over fears their staff in the East African country may be in danger.

Aid agency Goal, which mainly operates in the slums in Nairobi, confirmed it is working on plans to remove 10 staff along with 14 family members tomorrow.

Both Trocaire and Concern confirmed their workers would remain in the country while the situation was closely monitored.

Violence erupted in Kenya following last week's presidential election, which saw the re-election of the incumbent president, amid allegations from opposition leader Raila Odinga that the ballot was rigged.

A flight for Goal staff has provisionally been arranged for tomorrow from the airport in Kenya's capital Nairobi to Uganda. Trocaire has 15 workers employed in Kenya -- 13 based in Nairobi -- including two Irish workers.

Concern said pockets of violence had erupted, but its staff had been able to move between their office and home.