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British 'tricked' man into trap of Tripoli jailing

A second man shipped to Libya with the help of MI6 says the British government "tricked" him into a trap leading to his ill-treatment and starvation in a Tripoli jail.

Sami Saadi, a former deputy leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), said he was the victim of a "conspiracy" by the British, who arranged his "rendition" to Gaddafi's regime.

The allegations are the most serious yet of Britain's involvement in seizing alleged terrorist suspects and delivering them to repressive countries for intense interrogation, often torture.

Mr Saadi is named in documents found in a Libyan intelligence archive last week which show British complicity in the practice.

Now in hospital in Tunisia, where he is recovering from injuries sustained in prison, Mr Saadi, who lived for many years in England, said he felt "really disappointed" with the British government.

"When I was in China in 2004, the British approached me through an intermediary," he said. "They said they would allow me to return to Britain but they just wanted to speak to me at the British Consulate in Hong Kong.

"I and my whole family were arrested at the airport and ended up on an aeroplane taking us to Libya."

Mr Saadi said he was placed in a cell measuring 6ft by 7ft for the next 14 months. Mr Saadi said he was questioned by MI6 agents during his imprisonment. "They wanted to know how we could co-operate to tackle al-Qa'ida terrorism," he said. "They knew we had nothing to do with al-Qa'ida."

After six years in prison, Mr Saadi said he was released last year weighing 44kg. He was rearrested in April and was detained in Abu Salim prison where he suffered torture. (© Daily Telegraph, London

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